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YEYKEY ultralight

Sky Blue / Cool Grey Mirror

Sky Blue / Cool Grey Mirror
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100% Grilamid TR 90 (Polyamid)


leicht, flexibel, stoßfest













Cool Grey




Double Ripel / beidseitig wasser- und schmutzabweisend / kratzfest


ultraklar, kontrastreich


Carl Zeiss Vision



More on the lens:

This hue provides true colors recognition and relaxed vision under bright sunlight, even when sunglasses are

worn for long periods of time.
The lens is cutting the glare coming from the light reflected by the water, enhancing depth perception and a
sharp and comfort vision of details.
Water surfaces offer a unique challenge for the vision: extreme reflection, severe glare, sprays and salt.
It is important to make sure that eyes are protected and sunglasses fit comfortably. And to achieve this goal, lenses are an important asset.
Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens is the division dedicated to developing, designing and producing non-prescription sunlenses. It is part of the Carl Zeiss Vision Group, the world leader in optics.
Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens’ centenary experience and innovation in optical technology brought to the development of a specific sunlenses collection for Yachting Sport.
The result is high quality lenses which are passing strict quality tests in order to offer to the market a flawless product.
Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision sunlenses collection for YEYKEY features a range of colors and coatings especially designed to achieve the best optical performance, visual comfort and superior protection while yacht cruising, along with a fashionable look.
Pure, ultra light, resistant material
Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision sunlenses for YEYKEY are made of polyamide, a premium material that presents the following features:
-          superior optical quality thanks to the pureness of the material
-          impact resistance, ensuring total eye protection
-          hard-coating treatment for superior scratch resistance
-          lightweight comfort and high flexibility
-          100% protection from UV rays and reduction of water glare
Superior Optical performance
Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision sunlenses are carefully designed and tested to offer superior optical performance across the entire lens surface.
The result is a sharper view, visual comfort, superior protection for outstanding performances.
Premium coatings technology
Thanks to an advanced production process, Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision coatings are carefully developed to offer outstanding results in terms of adhesion and resistance as they demonstrate long-lasting qualities against scratches, dirt and time. They are thus ideal for yachting under every weather conditions protecting the eyes from external factors (sunlight, wind, water, salt etc.).
The superior hydrophobic Ri-Pel technology is a transparent treatment which enables dirt, water, salt and dust to slip off the surface of the lens. And whenever the lens gets dirty, it is then extremely easy to clean.
It also offers durable and steady performance through time, thanks to its advanced chemical and scratch resistance treatment.
The exclusive Tri-Pel is the newest and most efficient mirror coating product released by Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens. It is a unique production process which combines the Ri-Pel hydrophobic and anti-smudge qualities along with a fashionable mirror. The result is a stronger tinted anti-dirt, exceptional water-repellent, long resistant mirror coating.
 Performing shape for a perfect fit & comfort
The Toric shape represents the best trade-off between performance and style.
It is especially designed with a flat face contour on the vertical axis, which enhances eyes ventilation and increases comfort.
The lens design follows the face morphology, covers the angles and keeps the light away from front, above and beneath the eye, while offering clear fields of view, low prism and increased peripheral vision.
The result is a fashionable and functional shape which ensures a better oxygenation, comfort, visual protection and optical performance.
While cruising, the eye is submitted to a great deal of glare and intense UV rays which may damage and obstruct perception, concentration and visual acuity.